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New Sword Review – Skyjiro TJ Warrior 2014 Shinken

skyjiro tj warrior 2014

Check out the new Skyjiro TJ Warrior 2014 shinken review! This sword really left me happy with my purchase, even though it’s not nihonto *sigh*. Being the cheapest sword Skyjiro Forge offers, I can honestly say that they have gained another customer and I can’t wait to see what their other swords are like. They are surely breath taking as they are more money. At $179, the TJ Warrior 2014 is a sword definitely worth checking out.


Regarding the below mentioned review, please also read the article Ridley Scott Robin Hood Sword Replica Hilt Assembly. This article clears up a few oopsies regarding the Robin Hood Sword review.


Ridley Scott Robin Hood Sword

Check out the sword from Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood movie. Read the full review on the Ridley Scott Robin Hood sword. The sword is a functional sword marketed as battle ready. Is it really a “battle ready” sword though? Find out!

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  2. The tang and pommel of a real European sword
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Japanese Sword Reference

  1. What makes a Japanese sword real?
  2. Parts of a Japanese Shinken

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I’m under the assumption that you are wanting to learn about swords. More direct, I’m assuming that you are wanting to learn about real swords and what makes them real. You will find the information you are looking for here at School of Swords.

It’s true. I didn’t build this site for looks as you can probably well see by now. It is a very minimalistic design that I believe in fact helps take the mind away from distractions such as gaudy backgrounds and stuff. If you came to learn about swords though, this site is 100% built around that goal.

What can I expect to learn from your site?

That’s an easy one! You will learn all about swords! I have studied, collected, and have been interested in swords for, well, all my life pretty much. I honestly don’t go a single day without picking up one of my swords or looking for my next acquisition.

cliff beaver gimli icelandic festival

This is me dressed up in chainmail, viking helmet, sword and shield at the Gimli Icelandic Festival

School of Swords will hopefully teach you about all that you need to know about swords. I will share information with you on European swords as well as Asian swords. I will inform you on what makes a sword real and why. I will explain to you why you may have bought a sword thinking it was real, only for me to tell you it isn’t real. I can assure you that if I say it isn’t a real sword, then it probably isn’t ;). I will teach you what a hamon is and the difference between a real hamon and a fake one. Do you even know what a hamon is? I will teach you about different types of steels for making blades. I will teach you what a shinken is! I will teach you what a “rat tail tang” is. I will teach you what a peened pommel is… I’m sure you’re getting the point.