Best Japanese swordsmiths in the 1800s?


Can you give me a name or two master swordsmiths in the 1800s (right before the Meiji restoration)?



Hi there,

Thanks for the email. I have some names of some of the leading swordsmiths in the late Edo period up to 1876. Find them below:

Suishinshi Masahide
Taikei Naotane
Nankai Taro Tomotaka
Hosokawa Masayoshi
Minamoto Kiyomaro
Koyama Munetsugu
Gassan Sadakazu
Sa Yukihide
Hoki no Kami Masayoshi
Yamato no Kami Motohira
Saito Kiyondo

These were some of the best Japanese swordsmiths of the Edo period, through the 1800’s.

That’s about all I personally know of. Hope I gave you some info you can use.