Hanwei Oni vs Hanwei Lion Dog – Which is better?


I would love your opinion on which sword you would purchase out of these two items. The Hanwei SH2439 Lion Dog katana or the Hanwei Oni katana? I do not know which one would be the best and there is no info to let me know if it is a shinken. Hope you can help me.

Many Thanks,

Mrs. Carolyn Lee


Hi there,

In regards to you question about which is a better sword and which I would choose, I will try to enlighten you a little on this subject of the Lion Dog and the Oni Katana from CAS Hanwei.

I will start with the Lion Dog.

The Lion Dog is indeed a shinken (sharpened), and is made using Hanwei’s HWS-1S steel which holds an edge well and gives you a pretty nice hamon. Actually, the hamon is really cool. The Lion Dog is a great sword with pretty good features, but indeed is not “in the same league” with the Oni Katana. You can use the Lion Dog for cutting and it will hold up very well, provided you are not cutting concrete *wink* The Lion Dog is a nice and attractive sword.

The Oni Katana is indeed a nicer Katana. If you are familiar with Bainite, you will know how tough the blade of this Katana will be. L6/Bainite is a very tough steel that will hold up to just about anything. This Katana is indeed a shinken as well. It is sharpened and will cut through just about anything. As stated on the CAS Hanwei site, it is designed with the martial artist in mind. That being said, it is made to be used. The price point on this Katana is higher because of the use of a better steel.

All in all, I personally would by the Oni Katana if I was going to put out the money. I don’t personally like the hamon as much (I like wavy natural hamons), but in terms of performance, I do believe the Oni has the Lion Dog beat by a small margin. If you don’t mind giving up the upgraded steel and a traditional construction, which makes it more authentic, the Lion Dog will still give you a worthy Katana to do some cutting with. But if you are looking for better performance and aren’t scared to spend the extra money, go with the Oni.

Hope I helped you. Thanks for the email. Have a wonderful day.

Cliff B.

hanwei lion dog katana

Hanwei Lion Dog Katana

hanwei oni katana

Hanwei Oni Katana