Is this Deepeeka sword good for actual combat?


Hi, ive done some research on this little sword/dagger (not sure what to call it since its 19 inches long).

It says that it is battle ready and made of carbon steel. And its only around 40 dollars.
Here is the link: Deepeeka Medieval Bone Handled Dagger

What do you think about that sword? Also how would i go about sharpening it?


Hi there Kelvin,

Sorry for the late reply. I was busy out of town for quite a bit with no access to this email.

Now about your question:

That Deepeeka blade is indeed a dagger. The total length is 19″ but the the actual blade itself is only 14″ which would constitute a dagger. As for it being “good” for actual combat, I would say probably not. My reason for saying this is the fact that it is a threaded pommel. I may have mentioned on the site that threaded pommels can loosen and/or the threads can strip out over time causing the build of the dagger to become loose and become non-functional. The fact that it says carbon steel is a good thing but it’s probably only 1045 steel which is kinda the bottom of the barrel – so to speak.

If you were to purchase this deepeeka dagger and wish to sharpen it, you would probably have to use a grinder of some sort. I don’t really recommend this but make sure you know what your doing if you should choose to go ahead with it.

All in all, I suppose this dagger would be OK for light stage combat use, but for actual battle, I would leave it at home in the armory. And remember, more often than not, the cheaper you go… the more cheaply the blade is made. That’s a thought to remember. Sometimes if you want a blade that will last for many years and see some use, you have to go with a slightly more expensive blade. My final verdict is that this deepeeka dagger would make a great display piece that can see very little stage combat use.

Thanks for the email. Have a wonderful day!

Deepeeka Medieval Bone Handled Dagger