Ridley Scott Robin Hood Sword Replica Hilt Assembly

A while back, I posted a review on the Robin Hood sword from the movie by Ridley Scott. I made comments on the assembly of the Robin Hood stating that the Pommel was peened and the grip was made of a cast metal. This is a little update that I have been meaning to write for a while now on this sword setting a couple things straight.

I would like to start off by saying the grip is actually made out of wood. I guess I can’t tell wood from cast metal, but it is most definitely wood. So don’t be alarmed by that comment. Also, I have discovered what made my grip move a very slight bit. The blade does have a full tapered tang (thank goodness) and the inside of my grip was not carved out to be a 100% match for the tang. No biggie though. It is ever so slight of a movement.

robin hood sword hilt assembly

Now I wan’t to talk about the biggest issue for me. I stated the pommel was peened. I would like to state that the pommel is NOT peened and it is actually a threaded pommel design. However, and it makes my eye twitch to write this, it is not that bad of a design… I have taken my sword apart a few times now and the pommel goes back on just as tight as it did before and the threads haven’t seemed to strip out at all. BUT, I still always recommend traditionally peened pommels.

Robin Hood Sword Tang

So, I like to keep it factual and honest, and that is why I am writing this update on the hilt assembly of the Robin Hood replica sword. I don’t want you to buy the sword and then be like, “That guys lied to me. He has no idea what he’s talking about…” I want to have a decent web reputation among all sword enthusiast.

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