Windlass Robin Hood movie sword replica review

Please feel free to read this article as it does contain a valid review of the sword. However, please also read Ridley Scott Robin Hood Sword Replica Hilt Assembly as well as it clears up a few oopsies in the actual review. They are pretty significant mistakes if you are planning to purchase the sword. Thanks for reading.

Before I even had a thought about launching this site, I seen a movie by Ridley Scott named, Robin Hood. After watching the movie, which I thought was pretty good I might add, I was sure that I absolutely had to have the sword from the movie “Robin Hood” that had “Rise and Rise Again, Until Lambs Become Lions” engraved into the grip of the sword. Sure enough, I bought the sword. Below is a review of the sword from the Robin Hood movie by Ridley Scott.

Ridley Scott Robin Hood Sword Replica

Robin Hood Sword Review

First things first, the Robin Hood sword is an authentic and licensed replica of the movie sword. The manufacturer of the sword is Windlass Steelcrafts. The detail of the sword parts are excellent and crafted well. There are a couple “short comings” of the sword that I will talk about later though.

The blade of this sword is made from hand forged high-carbon steel, which in turn provides the consumer with a safe and usable blade. Not only is the blade high-carbon steel, but it is also properly heat treated, as with all of Windlass swords. The construction of the sword is good, due to the fact that they use a tapered full tang with a peened pommel instead of a screw on pommel like so many other movie replica swords. However, there were a couple issues with this sword that I found made this sword a little disappointing to me.

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First of all, the weight of the sword is not the greatest. At 33″ long, 2″ wide, and 3/16″ thick the sword weighs in at 3 lbs 4 oz which makes it a tad awkward when swinging the sword for cuts. I would say due to this, the sword itself would make for a better thruster instead of a cutter.

Secondly, the grip of the sword is a one piece what seems to be cast metal instead of wood. The grip is very uncomfortable and mine actually came loose a bit after a short cutting session. Keep in mind I was hacking away at some fire logs instead of tatami mats. When I say that the grip of the sword came loose, keep in mind that I don’t mean that it was easily movable and clanky. That is not the case. But the grip did shift on the tang about 1/8″. To me, that shows that the grip is not a tight fit on the tang and there is room for movement. Not exactly something you would want to use as your daily practice sword, despite a proper blade and pommel construction.

robin hood sword review 2

The Robin Hood sword shows promise in being able to be called a functional sword. In my review, it does however miss it’s mark by a short bit. It’s not a bad sword at all, but there were things that should have been done right the first time around, as mentioned above.

Let’s talk about the blade itself and the crossguard for a moment or two. Like I stated above, the blade is properly heat treated. The blade also has a little flex without being “whippy”. This is good, indeed. Above I stated that I was chopping at firewood logs. Yes, I did do this and the blade held it’s edge nicely with no damage to the blade or warping of the metal. It shows promise to be a sturdy sword, except for that pesky grip movement. Even after chopping at some pretty hard firewood, the sword had very little if any “hilt shake”.

robin hood sword review 4

So I’m sure you are wondering about a price on this sword by now. At the time of this writing, the Ridley Scott Robin Hood sword by Windlass Steelcrafts is going for $185 at Kult of Athena. For what this sword is, I feel that is a fair price to ask. You are not getting an everyday cutter sword with this purchase, but you are getting something along the lines of a semi-functional display sword that has some pretty nice looks. I’ll admit, it looks amazing over my fireplace with the display mount that is included with the sword purchase. When you buy this sword, know that it wasn’t the manufacturers intention for this sword to be used. They are marketing it as a functional display sword, and as such that is exactly what it is.


robin hood sword review 3

If you are like many other sword owners out there, you can’t shrug off the itch to sometimes take your sword out for a couple swings. If you absolutely must take your Robin Hood sword out for a couple swings, please use tatami mats to minimize any damages that could incur when cutting with this blade, mainly at the hilt. Tatami is a heck of a lot easier to cut than aged firewood, no doubt.


If you are looking for a functional replica of a hot sword from Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood movie, look no further. This one has some great detail work. This sword does fall short with the grip being a one-piece cast metal job that should have had some more work put into it. The grip should have been wood with metal fittings. The sword does not make for a comfortable cutting sword and is a bit on the heavy side. In short, if you should choose to buy this sword, I would highly suggest just mounting the display plaque on the wall and hanging your sword from it for others to see. At least you can tell others it’s a real sword, and in reality, it is. It is safe for the occasional cut or two with tatami mats, but nothing more. Make sure you keep the blade with a thin layer of knife oil or rust blocker on it to keep it from pitting and rusting over time, especially if you live in a humid climate.

And there you have it folks. This has been my pleasure reviewing the Ridley Scott Robin Hood Sword by Windlass Steelcrafts. I do recommend this sword for a nice functional display piece. I do not recommend it for a functional sword that will see frequent use. Thanks for reading.

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