What is the best design for a sword grip?


I found your website very helpful…I have one question. What do you think is the best design for a grip for a sword that has a full tang and has been heat peened? How are these grips constructed?

Dominic Burkhard


Thanks for the email Dominic. To answer your question, I have a video by Albion Swords on how their grips are made for swords in their product line. I believe that this is the best method for making grips as the grip fits every sword perfectly. Each sword can have a couple millimeters of difference after the pommel is hot peened on and a standardized grip possibly wouldn’t have a perfect fit. A grip made for that specific sword after the pommel is peened on means that it is a perfect solid fit every time. Anyways, I’m sure the video will explain it a bit better than I can. It also shows you how they wrap their grips. I hope this answers your question. Enjoy!

You can also find info directly on Albion’s website: